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Poster: innosinned Date: Oct 16, 2018 3:09pm
Forum: software Subject: f.a.m.p.s (FAMPS) Windows Software

There was a software download for the XP that was discontinued in 2011. The game was called f.a.m.p.s and would frame the screen, including a desktop buddy. The disc will only send you a link to the mattel site that no longer has it available for download. There isn't anywhere on the internet that has a working download available, looking through every page of google search finds nothing but the physical toy, with no software. If you have, or know where to download a copy that was saved before discontinuation, please put it up for download. It does not have to have all the functions that it might have had on release, (internet servers, adding friends, etc.) only the decorative borders, desktop buddy, and mini games. If you have any information on how to get it to work, please let it be known. I already have the physical USB accessory, the toy, and the CD that gave me a broken link, all I need left is the actual game. If you or someone you know downloaded it before 2011, please copy the program from the computer and put it up. I have attached the help PDF that came on the CD, which only says to use the now-nonexistent website to install it.

Attachment: help.pdf